Sunday, 15 October 2017

101 Crochet Stitch Patterns
by Connie Ellison

Complete with 81 unique stitches and 20 edgings,
this all-in-one guide's crochet patterns include the multiples 
needed to create the look of the stitch and translate 
them into new designs. 
Two sampler afghans are featured
 and can be made using stitch patterns found in the book, 
which include bobbles, shells, popcorn, ripple, textured, and open weave. 
Each design offers a close-up color photograph plus instructions 
and illustrations when needed, making it an ideal addition to 
any crochet reference library.

Click here: 101 Crochet Stitch Patterns
to be able to see photographs of the different stitches
included in the book.
(You can click above the image, to "look inside",
and a see a sample of the different stitches included.)

You will receive patterns to create everything from
doilies to afghans.  The stitches can be used to work
hats, scarves, or anything else that can be turned into
a garment from a rectangle, such as bags and purses,
wash cloths, place mats, baby blankets, shawls,
shrugs, cocoon shrugs, etc.

There are lessons on reading patterns,
gauge, working with crochet thread, and other
helpful lessons. Illustrations of all the crochet stitches for
quick visual impact are included, and a stitch guide with definitions of the abbreviations of crochet stitches,

The perfect crochet encyclopedia for yourself, or
as a gift for a crochet friend!
101 Crochet Stitch Patterns
by Connie Ellison