Monday 25 February 2019

free crochet pattern,how to crochet covers for glass beads

Glass beads such as the ones in the photo can be purchased at home decor store, or craft supplies stores, such as Michael's.

It's easy to turn them into pendants, by crocheting covers for them.  River stones can also be covered in the same way.  Click below for the video on how easy it is to make these.

They could also be used as paper weights if using larger stones.  The procedure is the same, crochet a circle, then place the stone inside, gather it up, and it's ready! 

Here's the link again:

Smaller ones could be used to make earrings!
Hop on over to my youtube channel to learn this quick and easy trick to turn glass beads
or river stones, (even driftwood pieces), into useful accessories!