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Free KNITTING Pattern - FLAT TUBE SLIPPERS, 2 yrs to adult xl, #1157Kyt

1157Kyt- FLAT TUBE SLIPPERS - 2 yrs to adult xl
Copyright © 2017, Emi Harrington (Do not give away or sell this pattern, copyright protected.)  Please respect that I have gone to great lengths to write a pattern.  The small investment you make to own the pattern will mean you that you can make it many times over, and even sell your finished items.This pattern may be printed for your personal use only. You may not in any form, reproduce, transmit, give away or distribute this pattern, including but not limited to images, diagrams and text, through any venue, including photocopying, other electrical or mechanical means, recording, or any other information storage and or retrieval system. Permission is granted to sell your finished garments. 
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Worsted weight yarn, worked 2 strands,  OR CHUNKY YARN, 
8 mm knitting needles, 
yarn needle.

INSTRUCTIONS:  See a how to video here: https://youtu.be/lR7AtB6kvbA 

Copyright protected, do not copy, post on blogs, or give away this pattern.  
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1.  Work with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn..OR.. 1 strand of 
   chunky yarn, and 8 mm needles:
5-8 yrs: cast on 8 stitches
   8-12 yrs: cast on 10 stitches.
   Adult small: cast on 11 stitches
   Adult Medium: cast on 12 stitches
   Adult Large: cast on 13 stitches;  
Adult XL: (up to 14 inch foot), cast on 15 stitches.

2.  Knit every row until the work, slightly stretched, measures:
   5-8 yrs: 14 inches; 8-12 yrs: 16 inches; Adult S: 18 inches; 
  Medium: 20 inches; Large: 24 inches;  XL:26 - 28 inches

3.  Knit across the row, casting off each stitch after it is worked.

4.  Fold the work and sew the side seams.  See the video for a demo on the fold method.


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