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Free Crochet Pattern - Crochet Flower # 1186yt


Copyright © 2017, Emi Harrington (Do not give away or sell this pattern, copyright protected.)
This pattern may be printed for your personal use only. You may not in any form, reproduce, transmit, give away or distribute this pattern, including but not limited to images, diagrams and text, through any venue, including photocopying, other electrical or mechanical means, recording, or any other information storage and or retrieval system. Permission is granted to sell your finished garments. 
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Any size yarn, and any size hook: ww and 5.5mm,   dk and 4.5mm,   sport weight and 4.5mm)
Yarn needle,
Buttons or beads

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INSTRUCTIONS:  Video demo here:  
1.  Chain 5, slip stitch to join and form a ring.

2.  *Chain 5, single crochet in the ring, repeat from * to make 5 or 6 loops.
    At the end of the row, slip stitch in the bottom of the first chain 5 loop.

3.  In each loop make:
single crochet, chain 4, double crochet, chain 2, double crochet , chain 2, double crochet , 
chain 4,  single crochet.

4.  In each petal around:
4 single crochet in the chain 4 space;
2 single crochet in each chain 2 space;
4 single crochet in the last chain 4 space;
Slip stitch in the space between the 2 single crochet between each petal.

Fasten off.
For added detail in the center,  work step 1 and 2 above, and fasten off.  Attach in the center of
the flower.
Sew buttons or beads in the center of the flower.

See more crochet flower videos here:

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