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2342-KARLYN SLIPPERS, 5 yrs to adult
Copyright © 2018,  Emi Harrington (Do not give away or sell this pattern, copyright protected.)  .This pattern may be printed for your personal use only. You may not in any form, reproduce, transmit, give away or distribute this pattern, including but not limited to images, diagrams and text, through any venue, including photocopying, other electrical or mechanical means, recording, or any other information storage and or retrieval system. (Copyright infringement, even without monetary gain, is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000). Permission is granted to sell your finished garments. 
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BLOCKING: Basically there are 2 ways of blocking.
1.  Steam blocking: arrange item on a flat surface, hold steam iron above the surface, (not touching the surface), and
   steam. Allow the item to dry in the shape desired.
2.  Immerse in water, and squeeze water out, or spray with water. Arrange item on a thick bath towel, shape
as desired, allow to dry undisturbed.

Worsted weight yarn, worked 2 strands
(5-12 yrs: 90 yds; 12-16 yrs: 93 yds; ADULT SMALL: 100 YDS; M: 115 yds: L: 130 yds)
One pair straight knitting needles, size 00, 9 mm
Yarn needle

INSTRUCTIONS: Gauge: Gauge: 2.5 stitches and 3 rows = 1 sq. Inch.
Worked flat. Very stretchy finished item.
Copyright: Emi Harrington,permission not given to share, give away, or sell this pattern.
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1.  5-12 yrs: Cast on 16 stitches
    12-16 yrs: Cast on 18 stitches
    Adult Small: Cast on 20 stitches
Adult Medium: Cast on 26 stitches
Adult Large: Cast on 30 stitches

2.  Work in ribbing, (K1P1) for 4 rows.

3.  Work in stockinette stitch: 1 row black, 1 row white, 1 row black, 1 row main color.

4.  Work in garter stitch (knit every row), for:
5-12 yrs: 10 rows;
12-16yrs: 11 rows,
Adult Small: 12 rows.
Adult Medium: 14 rows.
Adult Large: 18 rows

5. Work in ribbing (K1P1) for 4 rows, casting off each stitch after it is worked in the last row.Leave a long yarn end.  

Thread it into a needle.
Fold the work in half, sew the back seam. 
Weave yarn through the toe end of the slipper, 
pull to gather up and close the end of the
slipper. Secure with several stitches,
 then sew 1/2 the distance across the top of the foot of the
slipper, leaving the remainder open.
How to sew a seam in knitting:

How to make fabric tags for garments.

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