Tuesday 26 December 2017

FREE KNITTING PATTERN - Unisex Slouchy Hat pattern # 2138K

#2138K - UNISEX KNITTING PATTERN, 5 piece set: Hat, Cowl, Legwarmers, Fingerless Gloves,
                and Knitted flower pattern. FREE HAT PATTERN is featured in this post.

This 5 piece set is available for sale on Ravelry for $1.99.

Following is the Hat Pattern.
All the other garments are included in the Ravelry Pattern.
Hat has sizes newborn to adult
Cowl has sizes 5 yrs to Adult
Legwarmers pattern has sizes 5 years to adult large
Finger-less Gloves pattern has sizes 5 years to Adult large
Flower pattern can be made larger by using larger needles.

COPYRIGHT, Emi Harrington.
For people who would like a copy of this pattern, please send them to this link
to get their own.


You can find me here:

BLOCKING: Basically there are 2 ways of blocking.
1.  Steam blocking: arrange item on a flat surface, 
     hold steam iron above the surface, (not touching the surface), and
      steam. Allow the item to dry in the shape desired.
2.  Immerse in water, and squeeze water out, or spray with water. 
      Arrange item on a thick bath towel, shape
as desired, allow to dry undisturbed.

Worsted weight yarn, (Newborn: 50 yards; 6 - 8 years: 100 yards; Adult: 130 yards)
One pair straight 6 mm knitting needles
Yarn needle

 Hat can be made in a solid color, instructions given for stripes.
Gauge: 3.5 stitches and 3.5 rows = 1 sq. Inch.  
Works bottom up.  
No need to weave in ends, as the yarn is carried from row to row.

Cast on video: 
1.  Newborn - 3 months: cast on 32 stitches
   3 - 6 months: cast on 36 stitches
   6 - 12 months: Cast on 40
   1 - 2 yrs: Cast on 44 stitches
   2 - 4 yrs: Cast on 48 stitches
   4 - 6 yrs: Cast on 52 stitches
   6 - 8 yrs: Cast on 56 stitches
   8 - 12 yrs: Cast on 60 stitches
   Adult: Cast on 64 stitches

2.  Work in ribbing (knit 2,purl 2) for 8 rows.
      Knit stitch: 

Purl stitch: 


https://amzn.to/3uBt5Xm (Affiliate link)

3.  Knit the next 2 rows. (Garter stitch) (Do not 
    fasten off the yarn after each color,
    the yarn is easily pulled up to work the next 

4.  Work in stockinette stitch for 2 rows. (Knit one 
      row, purl one row)

5.  Repeat step 3 and 4, for:
    Newborn - 3 months; 3 more times
   3 - 6 months: 4 more times
   6 - 12 months: 5 more times
   1 - 2 yrs: 6 more times
   2 - 4 yrs: 6 more times
   4 - 6 yrs: 7 more times
   6 - 8 yrs: 8 more times
   8 - 12 yrs: 8 more times
   Adult: 9 more times


https://amzn.to/3iLCclx (affiliate link)

103 piece set

7.  Cast off, 
       Cast off: https://www.youtube.com/watch? 
leave a long yarn end, thread it into a yarn needle, weave through the last row of stitches,
   pull to gather up and close the top of the hat, take several stitches to secure, then sew the back seam of the hat.
How to Sew a seam in knitting: 

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