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FREE KNITTING PATTERN - Tea Cakes Slippers, Caron yarn, Unisex knit slippers

FREE KNITTING PATTERN - Tea Cakes Slippers, Caron yarn, Unisex knit slippers



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BLOCKING: Basically there are 2 ways of blocking.
1.  Steam blocking: arrange item on a flat surface, hold steam iron above the surface, (not touching the surface), and
   steam. Allow the item to dry in the shape desired.
2.  Immerse in water, and squeeze water out, or spray with water. Arrange item on a thick bath towel, shape
as desired, allow to dry undisturbed.

Caron Tea Cakes super bulky yarn…. OR… 
2 strands of worsted weight yarn
      (Yardage, Caron super bulky: 2-4 yrs: 50 yards;  5-8 yrs: 60 yds;  
                                                    8-10 yrs: 80 yds;  10-12 yrs: 110 yds;
                                                   Adult S: 120 yds;  Med: 140 yds;  
                                                    Large: 160 yds;  XL: 180 yds)
One pair straight 6 mm knitting needles
Yarn needle

Caron cakes yarn:

(Note**  2 strands of regular cakes would
be required as a substitute for Caron Tea Cakes.)

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Gauge: 2.5 stitches and 3 rows = 1 sq. inch
Works flat.
Finished slippers are quite stretchy, therefore one size will fit multiple sizes.
(Pattern is available on Ravelry as a PDF download for $1.00:

1.  2 - 4 yrs: Cast on 34 stitches
5 - 8 years: Cast on 36 stitches
8 - 10 years: Cast on 38 stitches
10 - 12 yrs: Cast on 40 stitches
Adult small: Cast on 42 stitches
Medium: Cast on 46 stitches
Large: Cast on 48 stitches
XL: (13 - 14 inch foot) Cast on 50 stitches

2.  Knit every row for:
    2 - 4 yrs: 8 rows
    5 - 8 years: 9 rows
    8 - 10 years: 10 rows
10 - 12 years: 12 rows
Adult small: 14 rows
Medium: 16 rows
Large: 18 rows
XLarge: 20 rows

3.  Cast off the first 10 stitches, knit each remaining stitches of the row.
4.  Repeat step 3.

5.  Work in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) for:
2 - 4 years: 7 rows
5 - 8 years: 8 rows
8 - 10 years: 9 rows
10 - 12 years: 10 rows.
Adult small: 12 rows
Medium: 16 rows
Large: 18 rows
XLarge: 20 rows

6.  Work in garter stitch for 4 rows, 
     then cast off leaving a long yarn         end.
Thread the yarn end into a yarn needle, weave through the last          row of stitches, (pass through every 2nd stitch), pull
to gather up and close the toe end of the slipper, take a few 
stitches to secure, then sew the front of the slipper.
Thread the yarn end at the other end of the slipper into a yarn 
needle, and sew the back seam of the slipper.
Weave yarn ends into the finished work. 
Wear tall, or folded down into a cuff.

More knitting videos on youtube:


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