Monday 20 May 2019

free knitting pattern MOHAIR KNIT FLOWER

Free knit mohair flower

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MATERIALS: Mohair yarn, (OR ANY FINE YARN)worked 2 strands , 
8 mm knitting needles, 
yarn needle, 
beads or button

Block the finished garment by lightly spraying with water, place flat on a towel, arrange into shape, pat down lightly to flatten the stitches, allow to dry undisturbed.

My main focus with designing is to produce a pattern that requires the least amount of instructions, for ease of construction.You can find ALL my patterns on Ravelry:  Including over 380 FREE patterns.

1.  Cast on 60 stitches, Cast off, leave a 12 inch long yarn end, thread it into a needle, pass through every 10th stitch, pull to gather up, wrap yarn around the center several times, take several stitches to secure, sew beads or a button in the center.

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