Tuesday 12 February 2013

Valentines' Day Ideas!

Teach a young loved one to crochet, or make the sweet hearts yourself and hide them in pockets and sock drawers!

Make some easy paper hearts!

Bedazzle your hearts to wear or decorate with!


  1. Hi I liked all of ur tutorials
    I had a question i am making hobo bag from impeccable wrosted yarn from michales shop . the yarn has recomended g6 hook i am doing the purse in i 9 hook but the purse is not big as u have done i am in 12 th row (6sc in each and 2 in next ) .Can u suggest me where i am going wrong .
    i am writing oin the post because i din't find and email id to contact u .
    Thank You

  2. Yes, you must work with 2 strands when working with a size 9mm crochet hook, otherwise your finished item will turn out to be 1/2 the size of mine.

  3. Thank you mam
    i worked with two strand of yarn and and had to do 5 more rows to increase the size.


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