Tuesday 26 June 2012

Beach Cover Up

Watch along with the video, or use the pattern found below:

By Emi Harrington
COPYRIGHT, 2012, M. E. Harrington

You may sell your finished items.
Permission is not granted to copy or distribute this pattern in any manner.

Worsted weight yarn, 198 grams
Crochet Hook, size 9mm (US M)
Yarn needle
Optional: 2 beads

Gauge is not important in this design.
This design works side to side.

1.  Make a chain as long as you would like your cover-up to be. Photo 2.
     If you would like to add the loopy bottom, make the chain approx. 4 inches shorter
     than you would like the finished garment to be.
2.  Double crochet in the 3rd stitch from the hook, *chain 1, skip the next stitch, double
     crochet in the next stitch, repeat  from * across the row. 
3.  Chain 3 and turn, double crochet in the next double crochet,
    *chain 1, double crochet in the next double crochet.  Repeat from * across the row, ending with a double crochet in
     the 2nd stitch of the chain 3.
    For each remaining row: chain 3 and turn, *double crochet in the next double crochet,
    chain 1, repeat from * across the row ending with a double crochet in the 2nd stitch of the chain 3.  Make as many
    rows as required to wrap around the body with a loose fit.   Photo 3.

To make the optional loopy bottom: Photo 4 and 5.
Attach yarn in the end stitch on either side of the bottom of the rectangle, *chain 5, single crochet in the next open space, repeat from * across the row.

 At the end of the row, *chain 5 and turn, single crochet in next loop, repeat from * across the row.
 Make as many loopy rows as you would like.
 In the above photos, the sample on the mannequin form has 3 rows, the skirt style has 3 rows, and the other sample has 5 rows.

FOR THE TUNIC, make the ties for around the neck: Photos 6 and 7.
Working with 4 strands of yarn,
chain 2 cords of 35 stitches each.
Optional: add a bead on the end of each tie.
Pass through a stitch in the front, and tie in an overhand knot.
Tie the cords around the neck.

For a skirt style, chain a cord as long as you need for the waist, pass through the top row of open spaces, and tie around the waist.
Place the opening on the side as shown in the photo above.  Tie around the waist, or above the bust.

For the dress style, the rectangle was sewn together, and the seam placed on the side.  Then the ties for around the neck were attached.

This sample was blocked when finished.

2 methods for blocking:
Wet the garment and lay flat on a large towel, arrange as desired.  Allow to dry for a day or more.

Arrange the stitches on an ironing board, and steam press with an iron.



  1. Love this - such a great idea! I included a link to this page on my blog this morning, if you want to check it out: http://bit.ly/N4cXlY


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